Tooth Colored Fillings

Teeth colored filling are composite resin filing that replaces missing tooth structure lost by decay. They are the best alternative to older silver filling. Apart from being highly aesthetic, they offer advantage of being bonded to tooth.”

At DentaSculpt Dental clinic, we use the best composite resin materials (3M, Kurraray, Palfique or Voco) to assure high quality and long lasting filling with best tooth like polish.

After filling, you will be explained about hygine instructions, so that the filling last longer and stay functional.


How the dentist select material for tooth colored filling?

According to your functional and cosmetic requirement, dentists at DentaSculpt Dental Clinic will select the best possible composite resin for your case. All the materials used in DentaSculpt Dental Clinic are of high quality and of reputed international companies

Why you are not using conventional amalgam filling (silver fillings) at Dentasculpt Dental Clinic?

Amalgam contains mercury which is hazardous. We dont use amalgam fillings anymore at our clinic..